Saturday, April 02, 2011

This week, on my camera...

This week we made what has turned out to be a good purchase for our home. This electronics place was going out of business and had these 70% off. Little cubes that are perfect as "chairs" for our kids' computer area (excuse the messy desk).

The tops of the cubes come off and turn over to become a tray--which Eric utilizes as a side table when he's sitting at the end of the couch.

Inside each of the cubes fits a smaller cube--perfect size for foot stools, or little kid chairs. The littles LOVE these things. Kendi seems to always be found sitting on one. I mentioned in yesterday's blog that Kendi and Bright are playing SO good right now. They are so fun to watch! Last night the did "dress up" most of the night. Bright was "baby George" and Kendi was "Big Mama."
Of course, the measure of any great dress is its ability to twirl!
It looks like Bright is going to be our musical kid. He LOVES to sing and is really great at memorizing words. The kids do homeschool choir and I recently got a print out of the songs they are singing. Bright has decided that it's very proper to sit at the piano to practice his music. Most of the time he also pretends like he's playing the piano as he sings. [Video below is of Bright "practicing" one of his songs, with Kendi "accompanying" on squeaky ball.]
I don't know why moments like below make me so happy. It's just a love pile! The big kids are missing, but the rest of us (including the pups) were piled here on the couch last night.
Oh Samren! He talked on the phone with a friend (actually his cousin) for the first time the other night. He went right into multi-tasking mode, folding laundry with the phone rested on the crook of his neck. Such a big boy! LOL!
The kids had fun dressing up Lucy this week. I don't believe this is Lucy's "I'm having fun" look.
Here's why this photo is cool: You see the daddy, with the kids piled on? You see how the front kid is banging on his belly? One of the biggest blessing of Eric's kidney transplant is that he no longer has tubes hanging out of his belly (making it where kids couldn't wrestle or even sit on him). I'm so thankful for "Okie" the kidney! She is behaving PERFECTLY lately!
Introducing Bright Isaiah Anagbo Gillispie--future virtuoso!


Mama D.'s Dozen 1:05 PM  

One question about "Eric's" side table: is that Eric's little red sippy cup?

:) :) :)

A. Gillispie 3:00 PM  

LOL! Well, I suppose there might be a little daddy's girl around here that decides she should do whatever daddy does. BUT, the daddy does use a big "sippy" cup 24/7 (ths big blue water bottle with a lid and squirter)!

The Last Crusade 10:21 PM  

LOVE the video! So cute!!