Thursday, April 07, 2011


I can't go into detail, but PLEASE be in prayer for a family in Ghana, trying to adopt the child of their hearts. Court did not go as it should have today. It has NOTHING to do with the child and the family and everything to do with politics and ego. Please pray that hearts are softened. Please pray that the judge is convicted to think about the right this child has to a family!! The adoptive family and child truly need a miracle to occur tomorrow morning. Thanks, Anita


Nik 7:36 PM  

Many prayers given. My heart aches for them <3

Jenni 8:19 PM  

Will be in prayer for this family.

CarrieT 10:59 PM  

I've been away a few days. I will pray for this family and also for Bright's health. Keep us posted on both situations.

Carrie T.

Life's A Journey_ Ghana Bound 7:06 PM  

Miracles do happen everyday. No man can stand in the way of a child's destiny. We have had many days of lost hope in our adoption journey, but God continues to come through. The people of Ghana are good. I will pray for the family and trust God's will be done.

A. Gillispie 8:09 PM  

There was no justice in this situation. No miracle today. Please continue to pray for this family and the child that has been left without a loving family. I love Ghana. I love Ghanaian people. But today I was reminded that there are bad people everywhere. It's not cultural. It's just selfish.

christi 8:35 PM  

So very sad for this family and this child. Praying,,,,,knowing that with God, ALL things are possible!