Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Would you like to change 7 lives?

The Ripley Foundation (a registered NGO in Ghana, dedicated to family preservation and orphan care) has taken on their first "Change a Life" grant recipient! They need your help to make dreams into reality.

"D" is a single mom to six children in Ghana. Her husband abandoned her and the children many months ago. The live in one room, with no bathing or toileting facilities. "D" has no job. She begs each day, trying to put foods into the mouths of her children. Two of her six children currently have educational sponsors through AAI/TRF, and four are still hoping for sponsors. All of the kids are in school now, but that could change without ongoing sponsors. [You can donate HERE and mark "Ghana sponsorship program" if you'd like to sponsor one of the children's education for $35 a month.]

The thing is, "D" doesn't want to live like this. She wants better for her family. Sponsorship is not a long-term solution. "D" dreams of learning to sew. With the skill of seamstress in Ghana she can make a decent living mending clothes, sewing uniforms, and sewing simple dresses for those in her community.

"D" has been a good mother to her children--making sure they attend school daily. She is a hard worker who is simply without a marketable skill! TRF has arranged for "D" to go to a six month intensive sewing school. At the end of six months she will be able to start her own business and dig her family out of their current very vulnerable position. The rent for their little one room apartment is due in November. Her goal is to pay her own rent.

$500 would provide "D" with everything she needs to attend the sewing school and start her business. This includes tuition, a sewing machine, transportation and a meal each day (2 cedis), thread, a measuring tape, marking chalks, scissors, and a bit of cloth.

If you are interested in changing a life (7, actually!!!) you can make a tax deductible donation HERE. Maybe there is one person able to make this happen for "D?" Maybe there are 5 who can give $100. Or maybe there are 100 who can give $5? It all counts and every penny will go directly to this deserving mom's future career. There are NO administrative costs taken out. Just designiate, "Ghana--Change a Life Project" on the donation page!

[In case you're wondering, there are many women like "D", who could support their children if only they had a marketable skill like sewing or catering. There are two more women already waiting for this opportunity with TRF. There are no shortage of vulnerable families in Ghana. Fortunately, there is also no shortage of opportunity, if only the funds are there!]


Rose M. Welch 7:58 PM  

There wasn't a place to click for Ghana--Change a Life Project, so I chose other and typed that part in. I hope that was right. :P

A. Gillispie 10:06 AM  

Yes! That's exactly how to do it Rose! God bless!!!

Rose M. Welch 11:21 PM  

If I donate to Project Global Hope or Feeding the Orphans, will that go through your office or what? I like that the money goes directly to the project, and I trust that you know enough about the organizations to make sure that the money is doing good. :)

(Also, it's sad that there are enough bad people in the world to make those worries valid. :/)

A. Gillispie 9:44 AM  

I agree--you DO have to ask questions in today's world!! PGH and FTO are both upstanding non-profits working in Ghana. I am not associated with either of them. The projects that I highlight on my blog are typically for The Ripley Foundation (a registered NGO in Ghana). You can give a donat to TRF directly through AAI's website. 100% goes to TRF with not a red cent taken out for administrative fees. For TRF I can personally vouch that the money you donate goes directly to the project you designate!

Thanks for asking Rose--and thanks for your support!!!!!! It's almost assumed that adoptive families will donate, but to have a "regular" family donate is EXTRA special!!!