Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Beauty Is....

Taevy, before dress rehearsal where she is to be a medieval maiden.

But the REALLY beauty in her can't be seen by the naked eye. Beautiful Taevy makes mom breakfast in bed, on a Tuesday morning, for no particular reason (complete with rose petals and roses!). Beautiful Taevy creates an awesome Friday night party for the G kids with simple tools such as a laptop computer (aka movie screen), four dining chairs (aka the theatre), chocolate and chip cookies and pretzels (aka the snack bar). Beautiful Taevy works hard to live up to her "eldest" role in the family. We are truly blessed to see this beauty every day. She's not hard to look at either! ;-)


Heather 9:53 PM  

Love the picture! And I was seriously JUST thinking that it's about time for you to post something new!!!!!

Chantelle 6:12 AM  

Gorgeous, inside and out. :)

Jolene 9:56 AM  

She is breathtaking! Her spirit is so beautiful!