Friday, May 27, 2011

Creative Minds Needed!

Does anybody have any extra brain cells to put towards suggesting a name for my new blog and/or new business?

I'd like to make a new blog that deals both with teaching people about The Post Institute's regulatory parenting method AND shares about the real life ups and downs of diving face first into the method with a family of six. Any ideas for a name?

Also, the IRS says I'm my own business. AAI says I am my own business (independent consultant). With the certification I just got I can now lead classes on The Great Behavior Breakdown (in person, online, individual, or group). I'm thinking that in the next few years I will be going back to school to get my Masters in Social Work, thereby making me able to do homestudies for folks here in OK. And then there is the piece where I am really good at adoption education (travel packets, education packets, etc.) and could advertise that skill to other agencies that don't want to make the packets themselves. All in all, I could have an actual adoption consulting business. Like I said, IRS says I already do. But the name? Hmm...



P.S. I feel plenty busy with how things are right now, but the reality is that Eric's life span isn't normal, and at some point I'm probably going to be raising kids under 18 without his wonderful blessing of an income. It's only smart for me to think ahead to that time, with the goal of continuing to homeschool my children while also bringing in my own income.