Saturday, May 28, 2011

Doggy Dog Week

We have assisted 3 dogs since the last time I wrote about pups. Below is little Piper. She was found by our neighbor's daughter, at W-Mart. She is much smaller than our 1/2 pitty, Mac. She is sort of like a mini-pitt. =-) She is spunky and independent. Eric really likes her. Needless to say, there has been no hurry to find her new family. Taevy has taken Piper on as her own project. She is now Taevy's puppy to train. Once she's trained, we'll see what the final placement will be for Miss Piper. =-)

On Wednesday a very scary looking dogs was staring at my kids from across the street. He looked so mean, and I started ushering the kids inside. Then my neighbor comes out and said he was actually nice. He was, very. Sweet older gentleman of a boxer/mastiff. We put him on Craigslist immediately and within a few hours the person whose dog sired "Tank" had found him and was on their way to pick him up. Love a happy ending!
I don't know if we're getting a reputation or what, but this afternoon ANOTHER dumped dog showed up. [Not too common since we're right here in the middle of town.] We're guessing this guy is probably full blood Great Pyrenees. He is so big, but can't be more than 3-4 months old. He is just a little puppy still, but stands about as tall as a lab! He's super skinny and looks like he's had a rough time of it. "Jerry" (the name Taevy chose for him) will be staying with us at least a few days while we see if anybody reports him lost. If nobody is missing him, we'll likely be finding him a new home fairly quickly. Eric would actually be interested in keeping "Jerry" if we weren't already full, but I don't see Taevy giving up Piper, and 4 dogs....that's probably not in the cards.
If only I lived out in the country--I would have a whole pack of puppies to love!


Jolene 9:09 PM  

Great Pyrenees are wonderful family dogs and whoever gets that dog will be very blessed...especially one so young!