Saturday, May 28, 2011

Room to Breath?! Plans for Ghana

With less than two weeks until I leave, I figure it is time to start figuring out what the goal is for each day of my trip. With so many items on the "to do" list, there is little room for waiting until I get there and seeing how it all works out. I was able to fit all of the "to dos" in, I think. I could very well be forgetting something!

June 9: Depart Tulsa around noon. Depart for Accra at 7:30pm.

June 10: Arrive in Accra 1:10; check in at NIBSO hotel; head over to CKO to see old friends and new. Take in some kiddo cuddles. Relax in that loving atmosphere before I go to the hotel and crash for the night.

June 11: Go to see old friends and new at Fern House; visit "family" at Nyame Dua; do the shopping I need to do (for myself and others).

June 12: Head over to Elion International for church; hope to visit Romana and kids at Beacon House.

June 13: To Eastern Region with M and J, to visit a wonderful little boy and see some land set apart for a great purpose.

June 14: Visit 2 children's homes in Accra area; meet a missionary doing great work with special needs kids.

June 15: To Volta and Togo! Visit HoHoe to see Bright's Family and orphanage; see the court house in Ho; on to Togo to visit GMI there and to meet with officials. Overnight in Togo.

June 16: Travel day--From Togo to Volta to Accra.

June 17: The Ripley Foundation planning meeting; visit TRF foster homes (and kids)

June 18: Meet K; travel to Eastern Region, visit foster home; sleep at WAGS hotel

June 19: Visit future orphanage site for CompAfriCare; travel back to Accra.

June 20: Visit Osu Children's Home; "makeup" for whatever didn't really happen on days before this point.

June 21: Visit City of Refuge in Tema, hug a special baby girl, potentially meet a dear Ghanaian couple doing good work for kids.

June 22: To Central Region to visit two children's homes who have requested to meet.

June 23: Visit the kids/families involved in TRF's humanitarian sponsorships.

June 24: Tie up any loose ends. Say goodbye to friends/families. Depart from Accra at 9:55pm

June 25: Arrive in Tulsa at 9:10am. Go home and crash!

**Note: NONE of this is set in stone. Now that I have an idea of how things might go I have to ask all of these various folks if those dates/times work for them!**


The Last Crusade 10:51 PM  

so glad/jealous you get to go to Togo! Awesome!