Saturday, June 04, 2011

First Swim (Okay, second)

We are blessed with a very kind neighbor that makes their pool available to our family all summer long. All of the benefits of having a pool, with none of the responsibility! Last week was actually the first time the kids went swimming, but we're going to ignore that one because I didn't have my camera. =-) Last week the water was FREEZING! This week, after 5 solid days of mid-90's weather, it was nice and warm.

The only thing about using a neighbor's pool is that when the neighbor is home, it can be a bit awkward! Usually, we swim when the are away, or at least inside. Today we all walk over in our suits only to find that they are entertaining guests. I wanted to turn right around but we were stuck when them saying, "Come on over! No problem!" Yeah. No problem for you. Problem for me and my "fluffy" self! I swallowed hard and walked in.

Kendi and Bright were feeling very confident with their floaters and goggles on!

Taevy and Samren couldn't even touch the bottom the first time they swam in this pool!

Samren is lookin' slick with his goggles on!

After lots of hard work Taevy is *finally* a confident swimmer who can go all over the pool with no assistance. Yea!Eric and the littles. They love having their daddy to swim with.


Mollie 10:20 PM  

this might be a weird compliment, but something i always notice so i'll go ahead and say it: taevy has beautiful teeth! they're so straight and white! what a beautiful girl with a beautiful smile :)

A. Gillispie 10:22 AM  

That's a beautiful compliment! Taevy's baby teeth were PERFECT. When her front teeth came in they were so NOT perfect. But time has done its job, and we are so thankful things seem to be pretty much back in alignnment! She was very humbled at your comment.