Saturday, June 04, 2011

Random Pic Time (Got the camera back!)

Mac--our "tiny" puppy we got at 4 weeks, is now a beautiful specimen of a pooch! He is an awesome dog. Lately, the kids have all been sleeping in our room each night. Mac refuses to sleep anywhere except literally on top off one of the kids. Protective much?

Love my Sammy-man. I suppose there's a point where it's not cute to see your kid sleeping with a cuddly, but I'm not there yet with Samren. I totally love that he sleeps with "Sammy-Bear" every night. He's been sleeping with him since he was Kendi's age!

I've been posting on FB about my need for a new (or new to me) big suitcase for Ghana. I discovered that our goodwill/thrift stores stink for this kind of thing! In the end, "Ross" was the winning place. This thing was over $40, but it should last several trips and will fit a TON of stuff in it! Best thing? I don't think I'll be mixing this graffiti themed bag up with anything else on the luggage return!

As you can tell, I finally got my camera back! AND...ta-da! It works!! Ah...I feel complete again!