Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Independence Day

I hope everybody had a lovely Independence Day celebration! This year was extra special for our family because we celebrated in Kansas with my parents. [We have always been here in OK for the 4th since we married in '98.] My step-dad retired after 38 years with the same company, so we celebrated *HIS* "independence" day as well as our nation's!
My mom coordinated a wonderful day on the 4th. Grandpa and Grandma got a slip-n-slide and had a wet sponge fight with the kids in the afternoon. Don't the g-parents look so happy here?!
Snow cones from Uncle Gary's margarita maker!The last hour before dusk the kids had fun doing smoke bombs and snakes and other kid-friendly fireworks. This was Samren's first year to have the courage to take part in such things. His face in this photo cracks me up!

Between all of the families who were there we had *LOTS* of fireworks at night--and some pretty good ones too! Grandma even gave the kids these neat 4th of July themed light spinners, which made for the coolest pictures!

Bright had me smiling all night long. He kept his fingers in his ears the entire time but absolutely *LOVED* watching the fireworks. He couldn't stop screaming with delight. "Mommy! It's so pretty!" "Bravo!" "That one pop-corned!" "Wee!!!"
Taevy may have been just a bit hyped up from all the soda and sweets she ate all day! LOL!
After the fireworks Grandma even had a pinata! With 3 serious softball players in the family, it didn't take long for that thing to be ka-put!

By the end of the evening we all felt like Samren looked in this picture--exhausted! He was actually laying in the middle of the garage floor here. =-)

Since my camera was left back here in Tulsa, I relied on Taevy to take pics of her camera. She does such a good job. During the fireworks I stole the camera for a bit so that I could take some pics of the beautiful lights, and my beautiful kids!