Wednesday, July 06, 2011

It's all a conspiracy!

Friday the children and I packed up what seemed like half the house so that we could head to Kansas to visit my parents. Duel purpose--4th of July and also a celebration for my step-dad's retirement (38 years at one company)! We dutifully packed a bag for each child, and the hubby. Lastly I packed my bag. We went through our mental lists several times. It seems like there's always that ONE thing that gets left behind, ya know? But no, we had it all. 4 kids--check. 2 dogs--check. Sane parents--check.

We started walking out and I had that uneasy feeling. Something is being forgotten. Ah-ha! It's the medicine. Yeah. Not good to leave medicine behind for the HIV+ kid and the Fibromyalgia mama. Got it! Out the door we head. Everything is great.

We make an uneventful trip to Kansas. Everybody is good in the car. We pull up to mom's house and unload the car. There was that good feeling of "Ahhh....we're here!" Took a deep breath. I had brought my computer so that I could show my mom my recent pics from Ghana. I went in to unload it from my backpack.

Where's my backpack? Where. Is. My. Backpack? Seriously, there was nothing to do but laugh. I had packed the perfect trip. Didn't forget to pack a darned thing. Just forgot to put my bag in the car! My clothes, toiletries, computer, kindle, gifts for my mom from Ghana--left in Tulsa.

We always make a joke that my mom and I will FIND a reason to shop if we don't already have one. I think Eric is convinced this was all a big trick so that I could purchase a new 5-day wardrobe with no guilt! ;-) I have to admit, it was fun shopping with my mom (with no guilt). I got some cute new stuff!


CarrieT 12:01 AM  

Did you say once you have family in Wichita area? We live in Wichita, KS. I would love to meet you in person sometime. And are you in Tulsa? We come to Tulsa every summer for Korea camp at the agency we used for our 3 boys (Dillon Intl.) Our daughter was a waiting child with a different agency.

Maybe we can get our families together sometime. :-)

Carrie T. - mom to 4 from Korea