Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A New Day

Bright, showing off his heart balloons.

Thank you so much for the prayers and suggestions for our family getting back on track, and Bright. Yesterday was a TERRIFIC day. I said I believe in the power of prayer, and I do. There was a lightness to our day that we haven't felt in quite some time. The Lord is so good to give us terrific days to help outweigh the tough ones.

Night before last night I did as one of you suggested, and prayed over Bright (out loud). Duh. Of course this act would empower my little boy--to hear mommy saying that she believed he would have a good day tomorrow, and to pray specifically for the things he was struggling with. I decided to ask him what he thought we should pray about, and he came up with a pretty accurate list all on his own. I also decided that since sugar is such a huge deal for Bright, I would make a big deal over sharing my "very special chocolate" with him. I told him "it's a chocolate game" and while he's chewing up that chocolate, we get to look into each other's eyes. [Happy chemicals are released when kiddos eat sugar, and I want those happy chemicals to be associated with my face!]

When he got up yesterday morning he said, "Mommy! God answered our prayers and I slept all night!" That was just the start of a day for Bright that included no stealing, no grunting, a good nap, and actual kind words to his siblings.

As luck would have it, Taevy ran out of medication yesterday for ADHD. Typically this means a rough day. Yesterday, it meant I had a super creative, super involved daughter. She started doing school with the little ones at about 10am, and it didn't stop until almost dinner time. The entire time the littles were totally enthralled! I don't say Taevy "plays" school with them, because there is nothing fake about it. The little ones LEARN and they have a blast! They do alphabet, and numbers, and art, and music/dancing and P.E.--they do it all! Samren steps in sometimes as "Teacher's Aide" but most of the time this isn't his cup of tea. Instead, he spent the day reading and exercising on Wii Fit. [I'll give him credit for real exercise because he was jogging and such, rather than just doing balance games.]

The kids playing a game they made up, using prescription bottle lids!

Four kids, occupied with activities for hours, meant that I was able to finally catch up a bit on my work! Still a lot to do, but it felt so good to make a dent in it.

Before we went to bed last night I prayed over all the children before having that special time again with Bright--with our prayers and chocolate. He is *SO* into this. He's eating it up. It makes him feel so special and grown up. Last night, I prayed, and then I asked him to pray. He thought I was asking him to pray over me (!). It was so cute. He put his hands on my head and caressed my hair (like I do him) and said, "God, please help mommy to be a good mommy tomorrow. Please help her not hurt. Help her have good work and help her have fun playing tomorrow. Amen." After he did that I said thank you, but asked him to pray for HIMSELF. He was so specific, it surprised me. "God, please help me be good boy tomorrow. Please help me not to steal mommy's ear plugs or lotion. Help me to stay in bed. Help me be happy. Amen." Couldn't have said it better myself!

Of course, after a terrific day, the next day is usually somewhat of a let down. Today was no exception. Taevy did so well without medicine yesterday that we tried it again today, only it turned into lots of hateful words (no word filter when she can't focus well). She started crying and said she wants to take medicine again because she can't control her self otherwise. I hate that she sees and feels how out of control she is. Makes me hurt for her. =-(

Today Bright has done well again. Not quite as well as yesterday, but definitely a good day for him! And we had BREAKTHROUGH!!! For many weeks we have been asking him to please WAKE US UP when he wakes up before it's time. We have reassured him that it's okay; we won't be mad; we'll help him whatever he needs. He's never done it--until this morning!!! At 6:15 my baby tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Mommy, I wake up. What do I do?" YES baby boy! Awesome!!! Instead of getting up and going to the pantry like he would usually do (gorging on something sweet) he took my phone to wait for the 8am alarm and read books quietly in his sleeping bag! Seriously, such a huge step forward.

Today I hurt someone that I love, which totally sucks. That puts a cloud over this day for sure. However, days like yesterday can keep a person filled with hope for a while.

Bright has asked me about 66 times if we will eat our special chocolate tonight. I'm looking forward to it too. =-)


Mama D.'s Dozen 11:28 PM  

Yea! Sounds like some GOOD stuff going on.

Laurel :)

Claire 7:32 AM  

He sounds like such a sweet little guy! Hang in there...you are doing a great job with him.

Terynn 7:42 PM  

PRAISE GOD!! What wonderful, wonderful, WONDERFUL reports. God surely loves your heart, Anita.