Sunday, July 10, 2011

And a P.S. (on Bright)

I know some folks might feel uncomfortable about how openly I discuss my kids' issues. I know some people feel that's a huge invasion of privacy and "one day my kids will read this." I know they will. My daughter Taevy reads every post. =-) I can't say it is right for every family to be so open. I can only say that it's right for my family. We are open about these things. Any chance we have to educate people about the real life of a "special needs" family, we take it. It's part of the "culture" of our family.

Finally, I wanted to put this out there, because I'm betting I'm not alone. In those moments when I am so very frustrated by Bright's behavior, I just think of the first month I had with him in Ghana. I think of when he let go of his crazy fear of the obolo obruni and instead decided to hold on to her for dear life. I think about how he loves me more than anybody else on this earth. I remember what it was like to hold his pudgy body. I remember when he couldn't sleep without touching me. At that point, I can once again thank God for giving me the priviledge to love on this child, and to help him heal from all he has endured to get here.


CarrieT 12:31 AM  

I am trying to get into the habit of praying for my blog friends as I log on to read their blogs, yours included. :-) If I haven't said it enough, you have a beautiful family and I am encouraged to read your posts each time I check in. I appreciate the candor. Will keep praying!!

Carrie T. - mom to 4 from Korea