Thursday, July 21, 2011

This and That and The Other Thing

Do you think maybe we've been talking a bit about Mary and Joseph at our house lately? Yep. So much so that it's now something my kids play--"Help Mary and Joseph!" They set up a pretend auction the other day (with handmade goodies). [If you don't know, Mary and Joseph are two older children that are being adopted through our program in Ghana. Recently there was an auction to help with their adoption fees, run by my good friend Amy.]

Don't you love these old metal lawn chairs? These are the lawn chairs of my child hood! I totally love them and hope to acquire a pair eventually. Eric totally HATES them. He has childhood memories too--of having to sand and repaint these things every summer! I picked up this pair for my mom last weekend at our local crafty/antique-ish place. They remind me of the chairs in the movie "Up." One looks like a grandpa chair and one looks like a grandma chair. So cute!
The other night Samren was on the floor reading when our cat, Simeon, decided he'd like to read along. I'm going to miss this cat when he's gone! He's mostly an outside cat (his choice) and we hear he's old for an outside cat (6 years).
Eric and I stopped by Aldi after work yesterday to pick up new bookbags for our kids. It's for real now (them going to a school building this upcoming school year). They are so excited. Of course, if they were used to public school and we were going to homeschool they'd be excited too--whatever is different! The house is all abuzz with discussions of everything they will get to experience in a classroom. Bright doesn't remember ever being in a class, and Kendi never has been in a class, so the littles don't seem to have an opinion one way or another--but they liked their bookbags!Here's Kendi showing off our new (to us) glider rocker. It replaces an old wooden rocker that was damaging our floor. [Just realized it--yikes!] When I look at this picture I am reminded how very much we need to pain our living room to liven it up! So boring!Honest opinions please. I worked up this little twirly scarf the other day. Do you think a few scarves like these would be worth putting up for the AAI Holiday Project Auction? I have until mid-September to contribute some things. I've got some Ghana things, but this also gives me a good reason to crochet! Would anybody bid on this (or scarves similar)? Put it in a lot of 3 "Autumnal Scarves" maybe? What else? I am about 2/3 done on THIS "Amish Star" quilt crochet project. Would anybody bid on that? Hats? Kleenex cozies (just kidding)?!




Mollie 11:26 PM  

wow, i love that quilt. i've always been envious of those who can crochet :)

Gina 11:36 PM  

We have that *exact* glider!

Renee 8:53 PM  

LOVE the auction! Your children have such precious hearts!