Tuesday, July 26, 2011

This mom of 6 needs your help.

This is Diana. She is a mom, to six children. She is a good mom, a dedicated mom. When her husband left she and the children last year, she had no job and few job skills. As "luck" would have it, one of our AAI adoptive moms was in the area and happened to meet Diana and her children. After hearing about her situation, AAI was able to find educational sponsors for each of her children. Two more families stepped up to sponsor the family with additional food each month--not enough food to feed seven mouths adequately, but enough that, added with what they already had, nobody would starve.

The Ripley Foundation (the non-profit partner in Ghana) watched Diana. They saw how she made sure each of her children made it to school each day, even when she might be able to beg more money off people with the children in tow. They saw how clean the children were, and how they had the love and dedication of a mother all children should have. The Ripley Foundation decided to make Diana the first "Change a Life" grant recipient. A generous AAI family funded the first grant. With the grant Diana opened a yam selling business. Diana likes selling. She's good at it.

All six children are in school. Diana is working and making an income (although meager). They have a safe place to live. And then rent became due.

In Ghana you don't pay rent by the month. No. You pay 2 years in advance! Diana could pay her rent if she was paying by the month. 50 cedis a month ($35) is a lot to her, but she could do it. She cannot pay 24 months in advance. Her life is just getting on track, and she has had no time to save.

I was going to write, "Can you help Diana?" except I know that most reading this post could help. $35 is one mid-range dinner out with the family. It's 3-4 movie tickets. It's half a tank of gas. It's one college football ticket. It's one night in a crappy hotel. It's a MONTH of safety for Diana and her kids. If 24 people can pay for one month of Diana's rent, she and her family will have a safe place to live for another two years. Diana will have the next two years to save the money she will need to pay two years from now. This could be the thing that permanently gets her "over the hump." She has said from the beginning that her goal is to care for her family on her own. I believe she will meet her goal.

If you can give Diana and her children one month in their home--$35--just CLICK HERE. Every single penny will go towards rent. Just mark "AAI Ghana" and in the "other" portion put "Diana's Rent." AAI sends funds to Ghana at the start of each month. Five days until funds are sent again. Do you think we can find 24 people that can give $35 within the next five days?



P.S. I just donated. Now we only need 23....

P.P.S. The photos above were taken in June 2011, outside their home.


abarrelofbakers 9:24 PM  

11 more needed now... :-)

Amy 10:37 PM  

Thank you for sharing this story. Diana deserves some blessings to help her get life on track- the ones she's already been given she has made the most of! May God, and others, bless her!!!


The Roberts 10:57 PM  

22... ;)

exmish 8:18 AM  

21. :)

A. Gillispie 2:44 PM  

We did it! 24 months of rent--paid in full!! Thank you SO MUCH for standing beside this mom and allowing her dream to care for her children on her own, a much closer reality. Thank you for believing in her.