Sunday, August 21, 2011

Excuse our Progress

Currently, this is what our main living area looks like. Yeah, THAT pretty! Ugh. I'm telling you, it has been an interesting last 10 days around here. All of the sudden Eric and I decided that we really must have a classroom. [Well, must isn't the right word. There would be no classroom if we had no room for one.] This meant moving our master bedroom upstairs and turning our old master into the classroom. This also meant moving around the other two bedrooms. We began work last weekend, and it continues even tonight.
This is the classroom in progress. You can sort of see the home living area we set up for the little ones (with toy bins, kitchen, and you can just barely see the big drum that we are using with chairs as their dining table).
This view is even worse! You can sort of see where we have the learning table. Half of it is down at the moment (it is drop-side). The TV will be used for educational videos. There is no way that big thing was going upstairs. We hope to have the room painted (green on bottom, blue on top) an decorated (with fun educational things) in the next week. The parents are coming down to help us, God bless them!

This is the girls' old room, our new bedroom, being prepped for paint. Sammy was a HUGE help taking off the electrical covers while I spackled HUNDREDS of thumbtack holes!

This is the new color--"Stonington." We really like it. We got the heavy duty paint with primer in it and are so glad we did! Just one coat went over sharpie marker and a variety of other nasty marks!
We got the bed and side tables put up last night, and today we got the rest of the furniture in the master. Feels GOOD! We still need to put everything on the walls, hang the curtains, and switch out closets. NOT looking forward to switching the closets! One bummer is that our dresser mirror won't go on top the the dresser because of the angled ceilings. It now has a home on the floor. Our dogs keep barking at themselves!The new girls' room is all moved in. It's not the prettiest thing, but they are happy. They both have matching black and white comforters, but Taevy highlights with lime green and Kendi highlights with hot pink. We will be painting the room green and pink in the near future (oh my!). Still trying to figure out how THAT will work!

The boy's room is much cleaner-looking. They have the red and black thing going on. Not many toys in here, in hopes that they can keep it clean more easily. Legos and cars. What more do boys need? Oh--maybe some curtains.
Kendi is pretty much saying it all here. We are all just exhausted! Really, the kids have been an amazing help to us--especially to me. I really am somewhat limited in what I can do sometimes (because of the fibromyalgia). They are sometimes my hands and feet. They help bend over and reach, and grip tiny things, and make trip after trip up the stairs. Big kids, if you ever read this, I appreciate you.

This week it is more of the same (between work and school). We will put finishing touches in our master (minus some sort of contrasting paint thing). We will get all of the books and supplies in order in the classroom. We will buy the classroom paint; prep the classroom; and then paint it! This weekend the parents are coming down to help put up new blinds, a ceiling fan, and finish the classroom. After all of that is done, maybe the living area will once again resemble a place where one would like to live!




Mary Ellyn 6:31 PM  

Rearranging is hard work, but it's exciting too. We had a second floor water leak in June and thus had remodeling done on two floors. So I've been in the midst of moving (and purging) book shelves in 4 different rooms. Total rearrangement. Since we live in a quad level house I'm moving between all 4 floors. It will be nice when it's done for me and I know it will be nice for your family as well when you rearranging is done. Keep on rearranging!

Bonky's Mom 6:48 PM  

How exciting! It's looking great! I bet you will love when it's all finished!