Monday, August 29, 2011

Step by Step Classroom

White walls.Upper walls that are "dog vomit" green/yellow. I was SERIOUSLY wondering about this color at first, but it got better as it dried.
"Dog vomit" green/yellow with nice pretty calm blue on the bottom. LOVE the blue Coincidentally, you can see the inspiration storage cube at the top of the wood shelf. Not too bad.

The colors, close-up. This is a pretty good representation of what they really look like (unless your computer colors look different than mine)!

We like the blue so much that we'll be painting the area from the upper window sill to the top of the wall blue as well. Then, we'll devide both blue areas and the green area with a nice brown stripe! The stripes are stressing me out--the thought of taping and going crooked. We bought a handy-dandy laser level thingy, but I could easily mess that up!