Monday, August 29, 2011

ABCs, 123s, and "Screen Time Please!"

For our classroom we're going for a "schoolhouse chic" look. I just love Esty. Don't you love Esty(.com)?! With my mom I found these awesome vintage Alphabet cards to hang. I love that they show upper and lower case. I love that they have a whole little cute sentence. And I adore the vintage illustrations! Perfect. I will either hang them around our large window, or display them across the blinds using mini-clothes pins. [Which do you think would look better?]

To go with the oh-so-perfect ABC cards, the shop also had 123 cards! I have plans to display these in a large empty frame I have. The frame is like 2 feet by 3 feet. I'll put wires across it and then connect the cards with mini clothes pins. One problem. The number cards are TINY. I was imagining them to be around the size of a playing card. Nope. They are about the size of a domino (height-wise, and a bit wider across). Boo! They absolutely won't work. So...the hunt for our number cards continues. The thing is I don't just want 1-10. I want 1-31, or would compromise 1-20.
Tonight both Eric and I had to work during the evening. The kids asked for screen time and we decided they could have a few minutes. On their own they all cozied up to the breakfast bar and set up both computers, snuggling in on two stools. I just love those moments when they are all a team. The big ones were helping the little ones, and the little ones were patient when it wasn't their turn.




Tricia 10:59 AM  

Where did you find the letter cards?

A. Gillispie 11:08 AM  

Tricia, check out "Pretty Little Sutdio" shop on Etsy. She has lots of cute vintage-inspired paper products!