Wednesday, August 31, 2011

From "dog vomit" to this!

Just to refresh your memory, a week or so ago we were putting our classroom together and it looked something like this:Today I had a free day (no outside appointments) so I got up with a mind to finish the painting in the classroom. I had the "dog vomit" green and the bottom blue portion done. Today's chore included LOTS of taping--more taping than I ever want to do again in my life! Tape the bottom blue portion off. Tape off the top section so I could paint blue there. Use the laser level thingy and hope I was straight.Top blue section, done. Tape second line on bottom, preparing for a brown stripe.

One brown strip, done!
Tape second line for second brown line.
Done! The pic below is dark, but I love how the lines line up with the window.Our color scheme.Eric and the kids ripped off all the tape, swept and mopped the floors, and put the room back together again! [So thankful for that, as I am DONE after all that taping and painting on my own!]

Isn't it soothing? I could learn in this room! The goal was for our learning space not to be too over-stimulating. I won't be adding a ton of bright and colorful things to the wall.
All this, from a little storage container with an interesting color scheme!This weekend my parents will be coming to town to help us finish up our home-improvement projects. My step-dad and Eric will be on blind and ceiling fan duty upstairs while my mom and I get to decorate the classroom and go shopping for "old school" chairs and other fun additions. I love it anytime my mom comes to town, but especially when we have a good reason to go shopping together!! The hard work is done. Let the fun stuff begin!


Charmaine 8:09 PM  

Love it!!!!

Cora 8:46 PM  

wow, painting made a huge difference. What a great space, hope you all have a wonderful school year!

Wilma 8:29 PM  

Mom, daughter time is so important. My daughter is in her late forties and I'm seventy. Those times we spend together are priceless. We have to intentionally make time for this since we live in different states.

BTW, I just found your blog. We have a son that we adopted when he was ten (from a neighboring county). We also had three biological children, all older at the time. We have survived several of the problems you mentioned with one of your sons. His problems may not have been as severe, but many of them were not revealed by our social worker prior to the adoption. Needless to say, his teen years were sometimes filled with turmoil, but we survived.

Sorry this is long. I like your schoolroom with its new paint job.

Wilma in West Virginia

The Last Crusade 10:13 PM  

It looks amazing!