Thursday, September 01, 2011

This is our life...

Last week (or was it the week before?) I was looking for a comfy chair to add to our home classroom--something I could sit in and teach from, or possibly do my work from while the kids were doing their work at the desk. We ended up at a place that buys furnishings from hotels. Have you seen these places? I think it's awesome! We ended up with a totally cush chair for $40. It was so good, in fact, that it is now in the living room and the glider that was in our living room is now in the classroom!

While we were there we noticed these rock solid armoires. They had an ebony-colored one with 3 awesome drawers on bottom. I was salivating at all of the storage those drawers would provide! Also, the thought of not having the big ugly TV staring me in the face every time I entered the classroom, was good. We couldn't buy it at the time. We waited a few weeks (or was it just a week?). We saved our pennies.

Today we went back and got the ebony armoire for a really good price. This thing is SOLID and HEAVY! You should have seen blind Eric and wimpy me trying to get this thing into our house. But we did it!

Just one problem. Our big ugly TV won't fit into the top of it! Seriously. We both plopped down on the floor and just stared at it for a good 10 minutes. We thought about cutting the top off. We thought about taking out the drawers and putting the TV in the bottom area. We thought, and thought, and thought. No way was a TV that is 28" tall going into a space that is only 24 inches tall. Plan B...plan B...we need a plan B.

When we did all of our room switching a few weeks ago we ended up with an extra little 19" TV that worked but had no remote. We gave it to the neighbor to sell in her garage sale. The huge ugly TV is so huge that Eric and I cannot get it up the stairs ourselves. For real, we would drop it. For this reason, it's not an option to take the huge ugly TV upstairs and switch it with our smaller/lighter TV.

In the end, we went over to our neighbor's porch and swiped our old 19" no remote TV back from her, and now we have this huge ugly 35 inch TV with no home. We can't even get the thing out the door on our own, so it's currently sitting outside the classroom. The old 19" TV is in the armoire. The ironic thing is that if I would have had the 19" TV in the classroom to begin with, I wouldn't have even felt the need to have the armoire! This is how things roll in our house.



the H family 8:40 AM  

You're living my life now! That kind of stuff happens to us all of the time! We moved here and the only place we could reasonably put our tv was the LR just inside the entry. The stand is black, which totally didn't match the diningroom furniture(other half of the entry). No basement here = no rec room, we left that furniture in our old house. So I found some black dining chairs on craigslist, set them up with the old table and then we realized that the kids TV didn't fit into the built-ins in that room. But our tv does. You know where this is going, right? Moved our TV to the kids area and gave away their TV. Moved the armoire back that goes with the LR furniture and put the old, small TV back in! And now that black TV stand that caused all of the trouble is no longer. We did need new chairs, but I woud not have chosen black except to try to make that area work, as it's very visible. Oh well, they are nice chairs and I'm happy to not have a big 'ol TV sitting in my LR. Enjoy your new furniture!

Heather 8:59 AM  

And this is one of the many reasons I love you. It's almost like you're me but in OK! And I *LOVE LOVE LOVE* the new classroom! I totally have classroomm envy going on!