Monday, September 05, 2011

Classroom--Finishing Touches

Our classroom is finished--ready for the first day of school tomorrow! Here are some of the finishing touches...

My mom and I found this cute primitive schoolhouse (which is also a lamp) at our local antique/craft mall. I have ordered a Pledge of Allegiance primitive plaque that will go up on top of the armoire with it, once it gets here.Mom mom brought us this old book stand that was used at her school (when she used to be a school secretary). Isn't it lovely and perfect?! We'll use it for our checked out library books.

We have had this huge empty frame for years. It was white. Taevy painted it brown this weekend. We're going to use it as a place to post numbers 1-31 and to mark the month and day.

The alphabet cards turned out just has we had hoped. I like that we're using the big blank space of the window sort of like a bulletin board. We tried hanging them with mini clothes pins first, but they were hard to work with and the bottom flipped up. Mounting wax did the trick! We kept the clothes pins on for the look though. They add a little something.I love how the light pours in during the day. We can't open the blinds because of the alphabet cards, but we can pull them up half way (which is almost as good).
Our last big find this weekend was the chairs. I want to mix old and new in our room, so we were searching for old chairs to go with our new IKEA table. We found them--at the LAST booth of a HUGE craft/antique mall. It was a good lesson to my daughter, who was ready to go 3/4 of the way through. I actually said, "You just never know when the perfect thing might be at the very last booth." Wouldn't you know it? That's exactly what happened! $45 for all four (solid) antique chairs was exactly what we were hoping for.

Tomorrow a new school year begins, after much anticipation. With such a wonderful spot in the house to learn new things, I think we are all expecting it to be a great year! I know none of this was "need." It is an absolutely luxury that we were able to switch rooms around so we could have a learning space. And another luxury that we were able to spend the time and money required to make it something even more special. I so appreciate my husband for his hard work as he provides for our family.

P.S. Thank you mom, for helping us make this a special place.


Tricia 6:43 AM  

The room looks awesome. You have done a great job with it.

Christy 5:00 PM  

It looks awesome Anita! Hope your first day of school was fabulous & that the year ahead is blessed. :)

Terynn 5:09 PM  

I agree with Tricia!! Your school room looks AMAZING! I hope you all have a wonderful school year. :)

Mama D.'s Dozen 7:04 PM  

Love. Love. Love. Your school room.

What is your trick for painting straight lines for the bold brown line?

We are in the process of moving rooms around, as well, and are looking forward to a new "classroom".

Your posts have been very motivating.

:) :) :)

A. Gillispie 2:16 PM  

Laurel, the straight lines were a paint (but worth it)! We got a $15 laser level from the hardware store. I used that to tape off the lines, then I painted in between the tape. I got the tape that mentioned paint wouldn't bleed through. Worked beautifully. Have fun with your classroom!