Saturday, September 17, 2011

11 years of Taevy-Baby!

Happy 11th birthday, my Taevy baby!

Because our family is spread out so her first birthday celebration was at the end of August (with Eric's family). Silly me forgot my camera, but she enjoyed being remembered. =-) She received some cool lime green room decor and some money from Grandma and Grandpa G, and some neat yellow yarn from her Aunt/Uncle/Cousins.

The next weekend my parents were down, so she got to open her gifts from them. Taevy is VERY into lime green right now. Her side of the girls' bedroom is black and white with lime green. Grandma and Grandpa B. got her some cool things to add to her decor.

Earlier in the day us three girls (Taevy, my mom, and I) got our hair cut together. It was Taevy's first EVER hair cut in a salon. She got some layers put in her long, beautiful hair.
Last night was when we (the nuclear family) celebrated T's birthday. She LOVES seafood. This is definitely something born in her, as nobody else in our family cares much for seafood. Last year, she ate shrimp for her b-day breakfast. This year we really splurged and took her to Red Lobster. I don't know that I've ever been to Red Lobster, and now I know why! A pretty penny!
Samren gags on any sort of fish or seafood, so you can appreciate how he "sacrificed" to smile at the restaurant! ;-)Taevy opened her gifts from us at the table. She was none too happy that her mom brought the camera.Her b-day loot included a new pair of (green) tights with 2 new shirts, a Hobby Lobby gift certificate, 2 skeins of GREEN yarn, a crochet book of hats, a wood-handled crochet needle, and her favorite granola barsTaevy and Daddy. With Taevy, I can really see how important the father-daughter relationship is. What she thinks he thinks of her is deeply important.While we were waiting for dinner, Eric played with the camera and tried to get a good shot of Taevy and I. Not many mommy/daughter pics in our albums, since dad doesn't see too well!
I forgot to get a pic when the food was delivered, but Taevy and I shared salmon and shrimp (me the salmon, her the shrimp). She had never tried Lobster--actually none of us had--so we splurged for a lobster tail. Taevy loved it. The rest of us varied from "it's okay" to "Spit it out! Spit it out! Don't throw up!" (us to Samren as he gagged)Bright and Kendi provided entertainment with their side dish of orange wedges, much to Taevy's embarrassment!

At the end of the meal, the waiter surprised us with a cute little happy face creation and a round of the "Happy Birthday" song. Again, she was *SO* embarrassed! You can see the shock on her face! LOL!"Cherry Berry" is the big new thing here in our city. It's a frozen yogurt place where they have lots of tasty flavors and toppings. You pay by the ounce. Taevy's friends all rave about this place and she asked to go there for her b-day (rather than having a cake).

I must admit, it is SUPER yummy! As long as you don't fill up your cup and just get what you can actually eat in one setting, it's pretty affordable. It's a good thing they don't have drive-thru or I could be in serious trouble!Eric was too full from dinner, but the other 5 of us got some. It was $12.99 for all five. Not too bad. And it's low calorie/fat too (compared to ice cream or frozen custard)! My favorite is "classic tart" with fruity pebbles on top, and "cheesecake" with graham cracker cumbs. Taevy went for "classic tart" with a variety of toppins, including strawbery soba.
Taevy's final gift was to get a Cherry Berry t-shirt. When she got home she did a little modeling. Of COURSE it is lime green! In these pics you can see how silly Taevy really is, rather than the mature-look she usually has in pics!

Oh, okay FINALLY we get a normal smile! Today was her actual birthday, but we had our fun last night. DAD, on the other hand, saved his fun for today! Birthday spankin's!

Get ready....

Get set...

Go! [Yeah, she's totally terrified of her dad--not!]

In all seriousness, I couldn't be more blessed by this child. Here are some words to describe Taevy...











Love you Taevy.


Mollie 12:29 AM  

Taevy's is so beautiful!!! From what you say, and the pictures i see, she's beautiful inside and out! i'm so jealous of her hair! :)