Friday, October 21, 2011

Ear Flap Hats

My latest no-thought-required crochet project is ear-flap hats. I found this gigantic ball of yarn at a ridiculously low price, and knew I would need to make a hat for each of our family using the yarn. It's perfectly non-gender-specific. Is it pink? Is it purple? Is it red?!When I finished Taevy's hat she was like, "Mom, it's nice, but can I PLEASE have some flaps?" Umm...never made flaps. Wasn't sure how to make flaps. But off I went, and flaps did appear!
So the flap was finished but I had to make the tassels. That wasn't too hard to figure out. I'm used to yarn braids, after all!I'm on Kendi's hat now (only Eric's to go). I've made all of the hats with the same yarn, but with different designs. Taevy's has lots of "x" stitch. Bright's has a few rows of open squares. I like Samren's best (the one Kendi is wearing above). I got creative with some sort of front post triple crochet thing that I can't repeat again.

If you are a beginning crocheter, learn how to to hats! They are quick and easy and it makes you feel really good to make something you know somebody can actually use! Plus, there's no end to different ways you can make the hats. Fun, fun, fun!