Saturday, October 22, 2011

Super Garage Sale!

Yesterday Eric's mom tipped us off on a great garage sale in her neighborhood. A 3rd and 4th grade teacher retired and had a TON of her stuff up for sale--cheap! We got the entire haul below for $22!

These are the neatest thing to illustrate and practice fractions. You can hardly see the clear plastic square at the bottom. Then, the pieces are in different colors and split in to 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, etc. all the way up to 1/20!
She also gave us a binder full of dry erase place value charts and intermediate writing lines. Taevy has such a hard time with place value, so these will be MUCH used!
We got a Cadoo game, a croquet set (never used), a United States puzzle, mini-bank bags, and FOURTY-TWO awesome books (mostly chapter books). The kids were running low on books they haven't read, so it is awesome timing. We got lots of classics (Little House, Call of the Wild, Shiloh) as well as several boy adventure and childrens' mystery books. Before we left the lady gave us a whole bunch of laminated calender numbers "just because."
The kids played with their new stuff all evening last night! The little kids had fun lining up the calender numbers and the big kids think Cadoo is super fun. $22 well spent. Thanks to the MIL for the tip!