Tuesday, October 04, 2011

You can be a world-changer!

For the past four weeks at our church we have been doing a series on Nehemiah. Don't particularly remember Nehemiah? No problem. I didn't either.

Nehemiah was an ordinary guy--the cup-bearer for a king. He was nobody particularly "special" to the world, except that he was. As he served the king he heard that the walls in Jerusalem were in disrepair. They had crumbled. They no longer served their purpose. This greatly disturbed Nehemiah. He asked the king to be relieved of his duties so that he could travel over 1000 miles (in 400 b.c.!) to begin the work of rebuilding the walls. What he did, nobody really thought he could do. But he was called to do it. Through discouragement, threats, and other difficulties he (and the people of Jerusalem) rebuilt the walls in 52 days. He changed his world, in 52 days.

The point of the series at church was to encourage us to think about what God would have each of us to do to change the world. Sounds scary doesn't it? Sounds unobtainable, doesn't it?

This series really spoke to me, and I want to write my thoughts about it on this blog. Count this as the introduction.

What breaks your heart? What injustice in the world gets you so riled up that you feel truly emotional about it? Are you willing to step out of your comfort zone to make a difference in the world? If you are willing to be broken, God is ready to lift you up and make you a world-changer!




Dani Neumann 9:16 AM  

Landmines really get to me. It's something I've been passionate about for years; it is a humanitarian crisis with a tangible, visible end and yet... they are still there. It is so rewarding to donate to landmine clearane- there is a REAL immediate affect on someone's life when the mine is deactivated. Plus, so many countries previously riddled with mines are now officially cleared. And then there are places like Cambodia, where you cannot trust rural areas..