Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Ten-Four Good Buddy!

Today Bright turned SIX years old! Way to go Bright! [This is the smile I get when I ask him to open his eyes for the picutre. Ha!] After LOTS of practicing, Bright is now good at saying he is "six years old" rathern than "four years old." He never woud admit to being "five years old." We started practicing "six years old" about 3 months ago!
Bright is sort of an odd kid. If someone says "What is Bright into these days?" or "What sorts of things does Bright want for his birthday?" Eric and I really don't know how to answer. He's not into typical boy things (cars, Star Wars, trains, etc.). He doesn't really PLAY with a lot other than things that he can draw with, "read," or do imagininative play with (kitchen items, etc.). Eric and I decided that his present would be to go to Wal-Mart--just us three--and shop for his birthday gifts. After two hours he came up with an OU footbal ($7), a Bubble Sword ($2.50), a dry erase skills board ($6), and a cool Leap Frog "count and write" thing ($15). An odd assortment of goodies for a unique little boy!
Nobody was going to let Bright finish the day without his birthday swats! When Eric started calling him over he said, "Is it time for my Birthday Butt?" LOL! As you can see, he's scared to death!

Bright is such a blessing to our family. The challenges that he presents us with are also a blessing. They help us to grow, and to trust in the Lord for healing and guidence. You never have to wonder where you're at with Bright. What you see is what you get. That's good. No guesswork! Bright's smile is completely...bright! Because it takes him a bit longer to learn things, we always feel extra joyful when he accomplishes something new. We celebrate each year we are given with Bright, knowing that we could have easily lost him his first year.

Happy 6th Birthday Bright-O! [Bright-O is what his foster Daddy Paul called him in Ghana.]




Ericka 11:38 AM  

Holy COW Anita!!!! I remember when you first met him in Ghana!!!!! Man, time has flown and he has grown soooo much, he looks like a little boy now, not a toddler!!!!!
So handsome :)

mommajeane 2:57 PM  

What a sweetheart ! Happy Birthday Bright !

Anonymous 9:45 PM  

Love that first picture and that great big grin! And can I also tell you how freakin much I love the fact that you do birthday swats too! It's one of our family rituals!

Anonymous 9:46 PM  

nd for some reason, Google is being a pain and isn't showing my google name. So anonymous is actually Heather H or A

B 8:20 AM  

Happy birthday, Bright!! :) ~B