Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pic Post

It's been a while since I shared pics (I realized when I downloaded pics off my camera today)! So, from 10-31 to 11-13-11....

Taevy made this cute little fish key ring for our neighbor's birthday. It's not that this is a significant piece of work, but it's a perfect example of one of Taevy's gifts. She is artistic/crafty. She can look at a skein of yarn, imagine something, and then actually create it! No pattern for this fish. She just...did it. I can crochet with patterns, and I can be somewhat creative in putting different stitches together to make something else, but Taevy uses the the yarn to make fishes, or birds, or other things I could never imagine!
Halloween. This year we didn't buy anything to make costumes. The kids used things in our costume/dress-up bin. I thought they did pretty good! [Bright is a dinosaur, in case you can't tell. He has a tail in the back.]

A few weeks ago our washer broke down. Instead of repairing the washer we decided to bite the bullet and buy a new washer/dryer set. Honestly, I was so nervous going to the new front load set, but it is AWESOME! We can do twice the laundry in half the amount of time. We had a LOT of back-up laundry to do when we first got the set. The laundry was getting down so quickly we had to just take a break! As soon as we were done folding another load was dry and ready to fold. I feel incredibly spoiled with this set (even though it was quite inexpensive as these things go).
Our little Sammy-Man turned 10 years old the other day! 10 is significant to our family because back when he was so sick the doctors told us that lots of kids don't make it past their 10th birthday with his disease. I used to look at 2 year old Samren and wonder if I would ever get to know him at 10 years old. Praise the Lord--thanks to His healing--we do. I feel so honored to be able to parent this little man.We celebrate Sammy's birthday with his cousin Mia every year. Mia turned 8 on the 10th. She is such a blessing to our family. It's so cool that my kids have a cousin who was also adopted internationally. Although Mia is blind, she is one of the most advanced kids in her class. She says she is going to be a teacher some day, and I 100% believe her!

They both picked Butterfinger Cake for their birthday. Easy peasy! [Take a Devil's food cake mix and bake as directed. Use the end of a wooden spoon to poke holes in the HOT cake. Pour one can condensed milk over the HOT cake (it will go into the holes). Crush butterfingers and spread over the hot cake. Let cool. Spread cool whip over the cake. Sprinkle with additional butterfinger. YUM!]

The other night I went to kiss Bright goodnight. He was waiting for me. Poor guy fell asleep like this! LOL! Only a 6 year old could fall asleep like this!


Mama D.'s Dozen 8:46 PM  

I have a very crafty daughter, too. Oh my ... hard to believe what she can create with yarn and/or sew without a pattern.

LOVE my front loading washer/dryer set. Oh my! Can't believe what a difference it has made at our house.

Rejoicing with you over healing for Samren, and celebrating his 10th birthday.

Butterfinger cake? Sounds YUMMY! I LOVE Butterfingers. Will definitely have to try this one out.

Ouch! How can Bright sleep like that? Yikes!

Hope your week is BLESSED!


Oh ... by the way ... our school room paint job was 100% inspired by YOUR school room paint job. I asked Jim if he could/would paint a stripe around the middle of the room, though, and he said he'd rather do a chair rail. Either way, I love the two-tone walls. Thanks for the inspiration! :) Your reorganizing has definitely helped encourage/inspire my reorganizing.

Nichole, Mia's Mommy 8:29 AM  

Actually Sis Mia's birthday is the 11th :) She always has school off because her Birthday is Veterens Day and there is never school on Veterens day no matter what day it falls on :) Love you Eric and the kiddos :)