Monday, December 12, 2011

Braid Time

It's been over a year since I last put yarn braids in Kendi's hair. [For those of you who haven't heard of them, they are basically like putting extensions in her hair, except that you use plain 'ol acrylic yarn, which actually ends up looking more like real African hair than the regular extensions. Plus, they are super inexpensive!]

Kendi has asked for "long hair" many times this year. Honestly, I don't find that the yarn braids do any favors for her normal hair growth, so I put it off. But I promised for Christmas that I would give her long hair. We had a talk yesterday about hair time and if she was really willing to sit like a good girl. YES, she said, she would be patient. YES, she said, she would look down when I told her to. YES, she said, she would sit still on mommy's lap.

We started her hair last night and put in 3 hours. I got about 35 braids done in that time. [I am not very fast at this and her hair is thin and short.] She kept her end of the bargain and was a good girl the whole time!

When we finished for the night she RAN into the bathroom and said, "Mom, this is just TOO great!" Then she brought me a ponytail holder to put in a ponytail (something she can't normally do with her short hair)!
Today Kendi was expected next door for a Christmas lunch our neighbor has for the kids. What to do with a 1/3 braided head? Bandana is our best friend! [Note, I haven't braided to the end or decided what length to go with. Nobody notices that with it tied behind her back. ]

Last night I asked Kendi to talk about her new long hair on video. Silly girl! Uh-oh. Better go. She's crying upstairs because somehow "my hair is all messed up!"


fullplatemom 3:17 PM  

It looks wonderful! We go in circles around the edges of Ally's hair, that way we can pull it into a ponytail and cover what we haven't finished. Does that make sense?


A. Gillispie 3:23 PM  

Becky, that DOES make sense! Kendi has such a huge "receding hairline" thing going on that ours would be anything but a circle. Still, I like that idea!

Kait 4:21 PM  

What a cutie!

Mama D.'s Dozen 7:28 PM  

We haven't had yarn braids in for quite a few months, either, and were just talking today about putting some in for Rachel this week.

The circle idea, from Becky, sounds great.

Can't was to see the finished "do".


Janel 10:43 PM