Saturday, December 10, 2011

Scrooge at the Manger

Taevy and Samren in their "Dickens" costumes (or as close as our local Thrift Store could provide)!
The big kids worked very hard all semester to prepare for their Tulsa Homeschool Choir performance of "Scrooge at the Manger" the past two nights.
Yes. Scrooge. The manger. Interesting concept; good message (in a messed-up time travel sort of way)!The elementary-aged kids were the chorus for this production. No speaking parts or solos, but an important supporting role!
It was a really lovely performance and I'm proud of the kids. I'm also proud to be a part of this homeschool choir. They really do get a decent music education (not just performance-focused) and the kids look forward to choir every week.

Next school year I've been asked to teach the preschool class of THC and I'm so excited! It's been several years since I've had my music teaching hat on. It will be so fun teaching the little ones the very basics of music and sound! I look forward to my kids participating in this choir until the graduate high school.