Friday, December 09, 2011

That Kind of Day

I'll tell ya's been some kind of day! This morning we were surprised by 10am with a postal delivery. The kids ran in with the package below. Yes! That is some kind of sugary cookie-ish sticky mess all over the package!But don't worry!!! The post office assured me, "We Care." LOL! [I have several families that serve at the USPS so I'm not complaining. Just the irony of it made me laugh. I thought, "Did someone try to send me Christmas cookies in an envelope? Nope turns out it was a gift I ordered for Kendi (that was perfectly fine inside). I guess this was another person's Christmas cookies all over my package!
Soon after I washed my hands from the sticky cookie-ish mess I took out a container of Taco Soup for lunch. I watched in slow motion as the container flew out of my hands and exploded on the floor. SPLAT! The kids were good sports in helping to clean it up. The dogs helped lick up some extra splatters later in the day. =-)I suppose these events were rather fitting if you consider our week. We started on Sunday with a cold bug that got ALL SIX of us! Thankfully it isn't a bad cold. Everybody is on the mend except for me (who tends to lag behind on these things). I've probably got another day before the turn-around. No biggie.

We expected this week to be the busiest of the year. Choir rehearsal for 3 hours a day, or performance at night. First week of bball practice. Both Kendi and Eric had their clinic days. Hosting LifeGroup on Wednesday. As it turns out, because of the stinky cold bug, we ended up rescheduling or skipping out on several of the things. I don't know if I've every thanked the Lord for a cold before, but I came close this week! Now Choir is over for the semester, and the bball and LifeGroup will commence next week.