Sunday, January 15, 2012


We were watching a show where someone had a mo-hawk. Kendi told me SHE wanted a mo-hawk.Five little bands and five little bantu knots later, we have what I think passes as a pretty decent faux-hawk!Her yarn braids have been in for about a month now, and not a one has shown signs of falling out. It's SUCH a big difference from the first time I put them in. The only thing is that her hair (her real hair) is looking DIRTY! Not sure how to tackle that since it's only the first 1/2 inch from her scalp to the yarn braid. Thoughts for experienced mamas?


Kait 10:40 AM  

That is the cutest hair! She looks like she's got the attitude to pull it off too!

cindy 9:29 PM  

that article is awesome and cool. thanks