Monday, January 16, 2012

Unique Opportunity

A few years ago a mom in Ghana made the decision that she could no longer care for her child. She made an adoption plan, and that child was adopted by an amazing and loving family here in America. End of story, right? No. Beginning of story.

Since that child was adopted, the mom in Ghana has written to me off and on, sharing with me about her hopes and dreams. Believe me, this is not the norm! I've been burned a few times when people have shared their hopes and dreams and it turned out to be simply a way to scam money out of rich Americans. Because of that, I admit I didn't put a lot of faith in this mom's words.

She never gave up. Maybe she gave up on ME (and the agency I work for) supporting her, but she never gave up on what she wanted to do. She wanted to help other moms like her--moms that couldn't care for their children--to not ever have to make an adoption plan. She has prayed, and she has saved, and now she is caring for 3 children who may otherwise be on the streets or in other vulnerable care situations. She has committed to care for these children until such a time that their first families can come back for them. No cost to those families. She simply wants to make a place for these children and families to be loved.

After years, I am convinced. This mom has gone out and achieved her dream of helping the vulnerable, and she is doing it without the help of "rich" Americans. That doesn't mean that she can do it as well as she could with our help. She has a (simple) roof over their heads, and she loves them 24 hours a day. That is more than their families can currently give. But Mom Martha does not have the resources to put the kids in school, or even to provide the type of diet she knows the kids need. I am now convinced that Martha will be accountable for anything she receives to care for these children.

The three children have already been added to AAI's Sponsorship Program. One of the children has now been fully sponsored (yes!) but as far as I know the other two children still need educational sponsorship of $35 a month and food assistance of $50 a month. If you would like to sponsor one of these children (or both!) can give you further information on how to get started! Families who sponsor these kids should have the opportunity to stay in touch by letters/emails/photos and I anticipate regular reports on their well-being.

There is a more acute need. RIGHT NOW is the beginning of the new school session in Ghana and Mom Martha doesn't have the ongoing support of sponsors RIGHT NOW. For this reason, I am hoping that we can raise $600. This will pay tuition and fees through April; will purchase needed uniforms, books, and supplies; and will provide the kids a nutritious diet for the coming month. As of 10pm tonight we have raised $80 (for which I am very thankful). There is no donation too small. Every penny will go directly to these children, and every donation is tax-deductible.

I know it's January and sometimes folks have "giving-fatigue" in January. It's a notoriously low month for non-profits. I get it. But if you feel led to donate a bit to help these kids get in school sooner rather than later (April), you can click HERE. Designate the donation towards "Ghana" and then note "Martha's Home."

Why did I title this blog "Unique Opportunity?" Well, how many times do we have an opportunity to give to a situation like this? How many times are we able to directly give back to a "birth mom?" How many times do we see a birth mom not only turn her life around, but also then give that life back to children and families who are now in the same position she ones found herself to be in? Not many! I can't think of a more poignant success story, can you?

[Click HERE if you'd like to see photos of Mom Martha and the children.]



P.S. Martha's Home is not a foster home focused on adoption, but rather family reunification.


Mama D.'s Dozen 7:33 PM  

What a BEAUTIFUL story.

Laurel :)