Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lunch Break Musings....

We've been trying lots of new-to-us foods in an effort to eat less processed foods and add more healthy foods into the rotation.

Flax Seed--Who knew? Love this stuff! I can add it into just about everything and get some extra omega-3, fiber, and protein in the mix. And, it's cheap!

Luna Bars--a former Ghana-only treat has now made it into the regular rotation as part of a quick lunch. Lemon Zest is my favorite, but Chocolate Coconut is a close 2nd.

Honeycrisp Apples--I am forever ruined for any other variety of apple. These are so crisp AND sweet. Perfect apple for me (the former Golden Delicious girl).''

Whole Wheat Spaghetti-- This was fine for me and the kids, but Eric could barely get it down. Guess it won't make it into rotation. I'll try other varieties of pasta and see if we get different results from Eric.

Almonds-- It's not new to me. I know everybody talks about getting a handful of almonds to get you through a hungry moment. But regular almonds aren't my thing. Thank goodness for cocoa-powder and Cinnamon coated almonds!

Lettuce and Leafy Greens-- We were iceberg people. Iceberg has very little nutritional value, although it DOES have "fill" value. Anyway, we tried "Spring Mix" and that was just a bit too much for most of us--all those different sorts of lettuces that "taste like leaves Mommy!" Romaine is actually comparable to "Spring Mix" nutrition-wise and we like that much better. However, the biggest win has been fresh spinach leaves. Not for me, but the little kids will get a huge bowl of spinach leaves and eat them up! YES!

Cucumber--3 out of 4 Gillispie kids approve.

Almond Butter-- YUMMO!

Sunflower Nut Butter--Not so much. However, Bright will eat it.

Coconut "Milk"-- Not a bad taste, but not a hit.

Almond Milk, CHOCOLATE flavor-- Everybody likes this. And when it was about half empty I filled the container back up using the Coconut milk. The kids were none the wiser and I think it tastes like a Mounds bar! LOL!


The WAY too tight bra that I got a few months ago is now just "uncomfortable" and is currently on my body. =-)

2 pounds down.

Yesterday I went 3 hours longer than normal before I needed to take my next dose of pain pills for fibromyalgia!

Even though my fast is over, I still find that I'm craving water, drinking it almost exclusively during the day, with sometimes a Vitamin Water or diet caffeine free soda at night.

Eat crap=crave crap. Eat better=crave better foods.

Drink water=crave better foods. Drink soda-crave salty/greasy foods.

I will no longer eat after my body tells me I'm full. Might mean a bit of wasted food, but I'd rather have "waste" than "waist!"

Last night we filled up our cart at Aldi, with foods that all had small ingredient lists, for $100. I thought Aldi might be forever lost to us if we commited to eating less processed foods. =-)

Okay, the apple is gone. Back to work!


Renee 1:42 PM  

OHH!! You are doing so great!

You can always mix the iceberg with the other lettuces too. We like to mix them all up!

WW pasta does take some getting used to. White pasta is not the end of the world. Italians eat it every day and are trim and healthy. It's more about what you are putting on top of the pasta.

Happy Eating!

Erin 2:20 PM  

I'm with Eric on the Pasta! We are super healthy around here, but I just cannot do whole wheat pasta and flour. Kyle fessed up at a family vacation a year ago that he'd been using the whole grain pasta that doesn't taste like it (like Dreamfield's Healthy Carb Living, and there are other brands) for over a year! I had no idea. :) Gotta try it. But don't tell anyone until after a few meals!

Mama D.'s Dozen 7:33 PM  

Great job!

I am definitely ready to get back on my Takin Care of Mama challenge.

You encourage and motivate me.


manga mboa 1:27 PM