Sunday, January 29, 2012

Puppy Love

Our neighbor's dog has had puppies (again). Fourth litter in the last 2 years. [Yes, we have offered to have her spayed.] Oh my goodness, they are SO CUTE. I am such a push-over for a cute puppy. Last year Mac was from the same dog and he is an AWESOME and BEAUTIFUL big boy now! These pups are his brothers and sisters.

My birthday is coming up, as well as Valentine's day. In reality, I don't care to make a big deal about either of these days but I have hinted that a puppy would be nice. Maybe Mac needs a big playmate? =-) The other side of me says we don't need another dog, and whenever we have three dogs the stress level in the family goes up quite a bit (semi-big family, semi-small house, and flat-out small yard). Well, at least I can bring pups over to play for a bit until they get settled into their new homes. There are TEN of them! [Yes, I have my favorites.]


Andrea 7:10 PM  

beautiful!!! :) sweet puppies!
Happy Early birthday