Sunday, January 29, 2012

Yarn Braids, Goodbye!

We started with these braids in early December. Over the last week I've noticed that Kendi's roots were looking pretty raunchy, and some of the braids had pulled out a lot of the hair initially put in the section. Time for them to go.Kendi was NOT happy. We started by cutting the braids shorter.
These braids had really started to matte (sp?) into the yarn, so it took me 3 hours to get them out. NOT fun.This picture shows what was happening. A big chunk of hair detached and clumped together, with a small amount of hair actually left to hold the braid in.I never know how much hair is "normal" to lose. This is roughly what Kendi lost. A lot of it is the hair that would have naturally shed from her head but couldn't because of the yarn. But some of it is from the hair being pulled out (when I put it in pony tails or pulled it back in other ways). I put the kiddie scissors there for size perspective.

I had to really convince her to smile for this photo! It was almost midnight, she was tired, and she was still not happy to lose her braids!

In the end I don't think that we've lose much hair. It's a little thinner on the sides. It's weird seeing her today with her short hair again!


Nadia 5:00 PM  

I just did Jordyn's hair today and she has a ton of hair but she loses about 2-3x more than that!

FullPlateMom 5:00 PM  

Juliana loses about that much too. I don't think that's abnormal at all. Solid work!

Cindy 5:15 PM  

That is about the amount my girls lose when we take out braids too. Beatrice would have whole sections of hair fall our with the twists she had put in in Uganda. They put it in teeny pieces of hair and then left it in and it eventually broke. Yikes!
Her hair is looking good!!

A. Gillispie 5:19 PM  

Thanks for reassuring me ladies! I'm always so paranoid about doing something to harm the little bit of hair that she DOES have! Glad to know that this amount of loss is pretty typical. Whew!

Cora 6:03 PM  

Sounds like they went better this year than last year. She is super cute with short hair too!

Kait 7:20 PM  

Her hair looks so much fuller than it did before. She is adorable with short hair or long!

Anonymous 7:11 AM  

Kendi's hair is perfect just needs breathing a good oil based conditioner and grease also when you decide to braid again I' d do no more than 40 braids total it'll grow without pulling off her reg hair