Saturday, January 07, 2012

Photo Dump!

Connect 4 Launchers--a fun game that all the kids can play.

There is really a kid napping in this mess! She falls asleep in the most interesting ways.
We rang in the new year with a newly organized pantry! My mother-in-law decided to reorganize my pantry while I was in Ghana last June. Since then it has been a mess! I think every woman must have a method to her madness, but our methods are different!It's funny to me what a cuddle-magnet my eldest is. I think she needs a few more dogs and kids on her to really fill her lap!This was a cut moment. Kendi asked her daddy to put her hair in a pony tail. It only lasted for a moment (the pony tail) but she LOVED that her daddy made it!

Grandma G. worked with Taevy for many hours, teaching her how to use her new (real) sewing machine. I told her not to bring it home until she was SURE she knew how to use it (because I don't)!She made me this pot holder! All by herself (okay, with grandma's guidance). It's actually really good and something I will keep forever!Luck 'o the....Ghanaian?!