Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wonderful Boring Year--2011

2011 was wonderfully boring! I just went through and chose one photo to represent each month of the year, and really, there weren't many big moments this year. Can I just tell you how thankful I am for that?! It could have been the year that Eric's kidney failed, or there was some complication with Kendi's HIV, or a million other "bad" things. But it was instead a year where we coasted along without many highs or lows. I'll take it.

January--Mac joined the family. Cutest puppy ever!

February--First true "blizzard" I ever remember hitting Oklahoma.
March--Taevy's Doddle for Google entry.
April--Our submission for "Awkward Family Photos!"
May--Sleep over in the dining room.
June--Visit to Ghana, but also first visit to Togo!

July--Celebrating the 4th at Grandma B's house.

August--Hanging out.September--Unveiling of our new classroom!October--Kendi's first Turkey Leg, a the Tulsa State Fair!

November--Kendi writes her name (without help) for the first time.

December--A cup of cocoa.

What will 2012 bring? My prayer is that it brings more highs than lows. We hope to make some positive changes in our health, and continue our spritual growth as a family. Taevy just said, "Okay, I need to eat something because I've only got 5 more minutes to eat corn syrup!" LOL!




Erika 12:34 PM  

not sure you can call that a 'cup of cocoa'! Those things are huge - I love them!!!

Heather 8:58 AM  

I really love this post!