Tuesday, January 10, 2012

So much

I have so much to say, but not enough gas in me at the end of the day to write it! [Well...okay....I DID eat two Fiber One bars in a row last night, so there is no shortage of GAS! Let's call it energy instead!]

To write:

Why I need to be more healthy

Things I will not miss after I'm less fluffy

The intentions of overseas orphanages. Good or bad?

Did God destine my children to be my children?




Mama D.'s Dozen 10:40 AM  

So looking forward to each and every one of these posts.

I, too, need to be more healthy.

I, too, am so ready to not be fluffy.

And ..."Did God destine my children to be my children?" Wow! Can't wait for that one.

Great topics!


Jenni 2:43 PM  

Can't wait for the last two especially but all sound like good reads!