Friday, February 24, 2012

So much....

What a week. I have so much to write about I'm afraid it's going to spill out into the void before I get a chance to type it onto my blog where it is safely saved! Well, it won't be tonight. I'm all tuckered out. Just checking in to at least say this much....

The good and the bad and the ugly and the "only God" has been coming at me all week. Made one of the most difficult kinds of calls you could ever make in this work. [Gave me a better understanding of how doctors must feel when they lose a patient.] Experienced the normal sort of crazy-busy stuff that happens as soon as you buy tickets to Ghana. And stood in awe as God continued to fill up my agenda for the time I'm in Ghana. Not sure I can write that blog post yet because I'm sure there is still more in store than I ever dreamed of! I need to write an agenda of my trip for the AAI board, and I can definitely fill up my 12 days without blinking an eye, but I have a feeling that the Lord hasn't revealed all that there is to reveal about what my time will be spent doing.

I hate to bring this up, but I've gotten this question several times so I figure it's best to put it out there. If you feel so led to further support my trip to Ghana, you can do so in several ways. The best/easiest way may be to call AAI at 360-452-4777, talk to Kathy, and she can take your bank/credit/debit number by phone. You could also send a check to AAI at 409 S. Peabody, Port Angeles, WA 98362. Thirdly, you could make a donation on our website HERE (however the administrator of the site doesn't actually send the money until the middle of each month). All of the above would be TAX DEDUCTIBLE. If you don't care about that, you can email me privately ( and I can send you my home address. I think/hope/pray that we can squeak by with what has been given already to cover my room and board. From here on out we are talking about donations to bless others in Ghana. Ya'll, the needs are great. It's overwhelming. I will write about more specific needs in an upcoming blog but needless to say, I could never take enough to meet all of these needs. I pray that I am a good steward of whatever small amount I end up with, that I make the best choices possible with the money I do have.

Okay, TO BED (she said).