Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's on!

Well, my (new) ticket to Ghana has now been purchased, and this one is non-refundable (gulp). Not only that, but my 5 year multiple entry visa finally expired so today I sent off for a new one (double gulp). It's supposed to take 7 days to process but they say to give them 14. They have 18. I'm hoping it's enough. If I did something to screw something up I won't have enough time to resend it. I'm not nervous at all, can't you tell?! Yikes!

I haven't gotten over the generosity of others to make this trip possible, and I hope I never will. Sometimes a rush of gratitude hits me in the face like a bag of rainbows! People have given enough to cover the cost of my ticket, and also enough to help with the cost of my room and board. This greatly diminishes the stress on AAI to send me to Ghana at this time.

I leave Tulsa at around 3pm on Saturday March 10th, arriving at 1:50 in Accra on Sunday the 11th. I leave Ghana on Saturday the 24th, late in the evening, and arriving back home around 3pm on the 25th. That gives me 12 and a half good days in Ghana to get as much done as possible. Next on the agenda is figuring out the agenda!

If you have kids with CompAfricare (Kofi), GMI, Nyame Dua, Beacon House, AAI (obviously) and want to send letters or small gifts for me to deliver send me a private message and I'll get you my address. I just need to have everything BEFORE Friday the 9th as I like to get things packed before last minute. I think my donation closet is sort of empty right now so if you want to mail me donations I think I have room (wonder of wonders)!

If you have any other requests of me while I'm in Ghana please don't hesitate to ask. I'll do what I ask. This trip won't be quite as full as some of the past trips. I just want to be used as the Lord would have me be used.




FullPlateMom 8:09 AM  

We don't have anyone to give an official post-placement report to. I would like for someone to know not only how grateful we are, but how well our kids are doing. I could email certain government officials, but maybe that's not the way to go? If we did an independent adoption, can you take a post-placement report for us? How should I format it?


Nora 12:46 PM  

In the past I think you've set up a link (through AAI?) to donate for your trip. Are you going to do that again?

I can't wait to hear about your experiences this trip!

A. Gillispie 11:26 PM  

FPM, I will be going to SW during my trip, so if you want me to take a PP report I can certainly do that. For those that adopt independently, getting the PP report to SW is the basic goal.

Nora, so kind of you to ask. Anyboyd that fel led to give towards my room and board and/or donations for humanitarian efforts could do so through our website (www.adoptionadvocates.org, just noting "Anita's trip to Ghana"). The only issue with that is that the administrator sends the monly only once a month around the 15th so the funds wouldn't actually be in hand until after I am there. Alternatively, a check could be sent (address on website) or anybody could call and make a donation by phone using a banke/debit/credit card (360-452-4777, ask for Kathy).


A. Gillispie 11:34 PM  

Umm...I think the above comment wins an award for most typos in the least number of words. This must mean it is time for bed!