Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

It's 10:35pm. About 1.5 hours ago I learned that I will be teaching preschool chior tomorrow at the kids' homeschool choir. Wowsers! If tomorrow was going to be a normal Thursday I would feel a bit more sure about things, but tomorrow isn't going to be so normal.

I was JUST telling Eric today, "It's a good thing I'm not teaching Music anymore because today is definitely a day I would have come home without a voice." Yeah...half of us are down with a yucky cold/sore throat thing.

When I get up tomorrow it will be time to pull out the old early childhood music books and come up with a 40 minute plan for thirteen 3-5 year olds. Can you sing Old McDonald? ;-) We'll be at or transporting to/from choir from 12:30 - 2:15.

The other event on the agenda tomorrow is that it's newsletter day. The newsletter for AAI is due by end of day tomorrow and (genius that I am) I will be starting it tomorrow. Procrastinate much? Just a bit! I'm not so quick at this, so this task usually takes 3-5 hours.

Let's throw in that I have to leave before end of business to go and pick up the hubster from work. And then there's basketball practice tomorrow. And grades to get into our supervising teacher for homeschool. And oh, don't forget that I haven't spent a lick of good quality time with my kids this week!

Yeah, tomorrow is going to be interesting! After the horrible, very bad, no good day that was Tuesday, tomorrow is just fine by me. Give me tomorrow over yesterday, any day!

P.S. I just laughed at myself because I misspelled "genius." Now you know it's true!