Friday, March 16, 2012

Feeling so Beautiful

I have to do a post like this every time I'm in Ghana! Here, my body type is considered pretty well....pretty! When I'm feeling down about myself in American all I have to do is go back and read these and remember I can always move to Ghana! Ha!

This trip as I traveled down the big ramp in the airport, looking towards the exit, a security official flagged me down. This is normally when you have to show them your luggage tickets and prove your luggage is your luggage. I started freaking out a bit because the nice lady who didn't charge me for my over-weight luggage also didn't give me luggage tickets! Yikes! Well, it turns out the guys just wanted to say, "Oh, you are so beautiful!!!" I said thank you with a smile, expecting him to ask me for my tickets. "Oh, seriously, God has blessed you!" Thank you again. "Is this your first time in Ghana?" No, I've been here over a dozen times. More smiles. "Oh, well are you married? Because I seriously wish to marry a beautiful American such as yourself." I tell him "Oh sorry oh! I am married, very happily. I have four children." He said he understands. Do I have a sister?" I tell him yes I do, but God has made her then. He said, "Oh, then that will not work. He needs a woman with meat! Do I have a friend? I tell him, "Oh yes, but you know, American woman are very difficult! We require much! He says, "Oh, I can manage it!" We end there with lots of laughs and smiles. =-)

The next day I'm at my friend Paul's house and he gets a taxi for me to go back to my hotel. I'm delighted to see a nice taxi (read, no holes in the floor) that even has A/C! As soon as I get in the care the man asks if I am American and I say yes. He said, "Oh, I like your structure very much!" I am thinking he is talking of American government and so I start talking of Obama and such. He says, "No, your structure! Your structure! How God has made you!" Oh. "Well, thank you." I tell him. We go on to discuss how I am happily married, etc. Turns out Ike is a super nice guy and a driver I will call upon in the future. He is actually picking up one of our families at the airport this afternoon! Cool guy!

This morning as I am checking out of BeachComber there is a group of men and women eating breakfast. A very posh woman says "Excuse me madam." Yes? "Are you German?" No, I'm American. "Oh, I was just wondering. We were all just sitting her noticing how very beautiful you are. God has blessed you." Okay, wow! It's one thing for a man to tell me I'm beautiful, but I am even more complimented with a (rather beautiful) woman tells me I am beautiful! Ha!

So, fear not all you fluffy woman who worry about coming to a "developing country!" In Ghana, you will be MORE than welcomed! You will leave feeling better about yourself than you have in a long time! LOL!



lea 10:58 AM  


mommajeane 11:24 AM  

Your posts have made me smile...even your pity party one. This one really does though. I think your inner radiance is shinning thru.

DB 12:10 PM  

Hi Anita,
As you look at the small, precious, bundle in your arms you look sooooo beautiful!! Glowing infact!!

His Hands His Feet Today 5:29 PM  

That little boy you are holding is PRECIOUS!!! Does he need a mommy?! LOL!

CarrieT 10:46 PM  

I have to laugh because our 4 kids are adopted from Korea, as I have mentioned to you before. I am a fluffy American woman myself and while not tall, I am 5'6" so much taller than a lot of the Korean ladies. I feel like an Amazon woman in Korea! On one trip my husband and I wanted to buy hanboks (traditional Korean outfits) for the both of us. Our kids have them too. The shops had some off the rack for hubby but they took one look at me and said they would need to do a special order! Ha! :-)

Carrie T.

A. Gillispie 3:40 PM  

carrie, that's definitely how i felt in cambodia and veitnam as well! no way to buy a t-shirt or traditional outfit there!!!

kim, in fact, i think the precious one i am holding may have just found a family [with his brother] this week after a super long wait! praise god!!!!

Mama D’s Dozen 7:11 PM  

I think I need a trip to Ghana. :) I have so NOT been feeling very beautiful lately.

Hope you are having a WONDERFUL time.

Laurel :)