Sunday, March 18, 2012

travel journal, minus shift keys

Greetings from the land of 'light off!' you'll notice the lack of correct punctuation/capitalization. This is because my computer has decided that shift keys aren't necessary in Ghana. [eric, please be scouting out a good computer deal!] the shift key has decided to give me exclamation marks, but that's all for now. Okay. [i'm typing this in word, which is auto-capitalizing some worlds. Yea!]

the timing of moving from beachcomber to rye manor was perfect, as we've had very few hours of electricity since moving here two days ago. I am so thankful that rye has a generator so at least we have the ability to keep a fan on at night. The generator isn't powerful enough for much more than that, but a fan is a god-send when there is no electricity. I'll take it! The poor family that arrived here two days ago thinks the brought very bad electricity mojo! Lol!

What have I been doing. [no question mark.] yesterday I went to central region with my friends m and j of the riply foundation. We went to visit elvis of the alliance for youth development. It was a great day! First of all, m and j are like family to me. Getting in the car for a road trip with them isn't like work or business. It's fun. We joke. We play around. We have fun. Of course we also talk about serious stuff, but it's just nice to feel so comfortable. Secondly, the work that is being done by afyd is simply amazing. Elvis has a whole laundry list of things he's doing around cape coast. I've asked him to write them all down and send me an email so I can share with everybody! It's so easy to want to support the work he's doing.

Like all ghana road trips, nothing goes fast. It was 4-5pm before we finally got to sit down for our 'lunch'! By that time we were absolutely famished! We were rewarded with gigantic plates of food at frimps road stop. I'm telling you, it was the most satisfied my stomach has felt since I got here. The fis was good, as was the fried rice. Most importantly, there was no spice to it! I took a photo of m's tilapia and fufu with light soup because it was huge even by ghanaian standards!

Today the b family and I were blessed to join my friend paul and family for church. It was the first time the b family had attended church in ghana. I think they did awesome! [goodness it's bugging me to have no caps!] we arrived a bit late. Song service was already in progress. Still, we were there 2.5 hours. I really enjoyed the 'praise' portion of the 'praise and worship' song service. Today the pastor's wife was preaching. She was good, but it was hard for us obrunis to understand her works when she shouted into the mic and it distorted the sound.

Well, as I finished this not it's several hours after I started. I'm finishing after a nice dinner at dutchotel, and in the cool of a fan and air conditioning! Yes! Light is on!!!! we are all praying that the electricity decides to stay on for a while now. For the first time since I got here I decided to luxuriate with a hot shower tonight. I didn't even do my normal conserving water shower where you turn the water off and on, using it just as much as you need for each step. I let the warm water trickle over me as I lathered up, and it was heaven. Stepping out of the warm shower in the cool room was a luxury we take so much for granted in america! Well, I supposed some people around the world wouldn't even find that desirable, but it reminded me of home so I am going to be happy tonight.

Tomorrow is a running around day. I'll be visiting kiddos in private foster homes and i'm also hoping to head back over to beacon house for a visit with the wonder ms. r.. sounds like a short day, but knowing ghana, I might be home after dark!


DB 11:54 AM  

I love reading all your posts. Makes me feel like I'm traveling this journey with you. Even the difficult times like no electricity no water, make great memories later on down the road. Maybe it's just the feeling of accomplishment, survival,or just knowing that you are fulfilling your purpose in life. Take care my friend!

A. Gillispie 3:06 PM  

yes! don't i know it. this trip is t-totally easy compared to some others. i will never forget the trip in april 2010 when i traveled with two precious families up to bolga. that was such a trial at the time [traveling on the bus, but not the 'good' bus], but now the memories are some of my best ever! no water and no electricity are no big deal. i just post about it so that others who haven't been here will know what to expect. =-j