Monday, March 19, 2012

running day, 3-19-12

well, here in ghana 'running' means you are having intestinal issues, so i probably shouldn't title it that!

we headed out at around 8;45 with the intention to visit children who are in private foster homes in and around Accra [yes, my A will capitalize today!] and also to visit Beacon house. [hey, a B just capitalized as well!] it sounds like such an easy day, and it was. there was nothing hard about the day. it's just that thing again where everything takes longer than it would at home. no biggie.

we went to visit one 12 year old boy with the most amazing story. i've 'known' his story for many months now but i've never gotten to meet him in person before. he was in school, so we went to his school and pulled him out of class for a few moments just to say hello and to take a few photos for his future family.

he seemed to speak fantastic english. i asked him how things were at his foster home. his response was so touching. he said, 'perfect.' he told me about what he was learning in school. he answered all of my questions very well. i told him that very soon his family in america would send him photos and a letter and such, which he seemed to understand. i gave him a hug and we were on our way.

later in the day we got a call from the foster mother (who wasn't around when we went to visit). the boy came home from school all excited because 'my american mommy came to visit me today!' oh, break my heart! he thought i was his mommy! that poor child. if i was his mommy i guarantee i wouldn't have just taken a few pictures, given him a hug, and left him! if you only knew how handsome and bright this young man is! i hope he wasn't too disappointed to learn i wasn't 'her.' i hope that foster mom was able to explain that his real mom will come soon enough.

it just goes to show how much these children look forward to a mom and dad that will truly love them and care for them for all time. orphans no more. this particular child is in a very fine ghanaian home and school. he's living in a home that is 99% richer than the other homes here. still, that's not what matters to him. he wants his family. soon. soon.

tomorrow will be a hot and tiring but most of all f-u-n day! it is shopping day! i've been waiting for this day since i first arrived! i've got some shopping to do for aai and also some personal shopping to do. also, the B family that is here with me will be doing their shopping tomorrow. honestly, i love playing tour guide and taking people around. we'll go to the art and culture centre, then on to frankie's for lunch (and for me ice cream will be on the agenda), then it's shopping up and down oxford street, wrapping it up at global mamas. if we're lucky we'll head back towards teshie before the afternoon traffic picks up.

hard to believe but my trip is already winding down. wednesday i head up to mpraeso for 3 days, returning last friday afternoon. then, saturday is the day for final goodbyes and heading to the airport. time always flies here.


Heather 8:28 PM  

SNAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds like a good day today!

DB 2:50 PM  

Glad you had a good day Anita. I can understand how that boy thought you were his new mother, motherly love just pours out of you. :)