Monday, March 05, 2012

On the Beach!

I am a creature of habit. Truly, I'm not very adventurous. Traveling to a different town by myself stresses me out, so you can imagine how outside of the box traveling to Ghana on my own is for me! I've always stayed in Teshie, and I've always stayed at the same two or three little guesthouses.

Last week I was helping one of my families look for hotel options in Teshie--something nice but not expensive. I happened upon the Beachcomber Guesthouse. Unlike the Savannah Beach Guesthouse, which LOOKS incredible but actually FEELS a bit to rustic for my taste (I learned back in 2008), this Beachcomber place looks like it sets back from the beach just a bit. No sand so much IN the room. No thatch to deal with. And you can pay 10 cedis a day for A/C. Plus, there is a restaurant (a nice option to have in Teshie where there aren't an abundance of places for obrunis like me to eat). This place is very close to the Ramada. All of the sudden I realized I wasn't looking at this hotel for my adoptive family anymore. I was checking it out for me! I emailed them just to see if they had a chalet available for the nights I'd be in town.

For 50 cedis a night I can sleep in a little private chalet with double bed and private bath. No hot water, but whatever--it's Ghana. I can come home at night as the sun is setting and relax on the terrace they have set up right on the beach. I can imagine ordering a pineapple juice (my weakness in Ghana) and just....relax. I could even walk out a bit and let the waves wash over my tired dirty feet. The next morning I can get up and eat breakfast outside with the sound of the waves to welcome me into a new day. Pretty good for $35 a day, right?

I might be just a tad bit too excited about this new-to-me hotel option. Hopefully it's not one of those situations where it looks great online but in reality it disappoints. Online reviews look great. If it's bad I'll just head back over to tried and true Rye Manor Guesthouse. I guess I'm excited because I do have to deal with some not fun stuff in Ghana and IF NOTHING ELSE it will be wonderful to stay in such a beautiful setting!



P.S. Don't misunderstand my mentioning the not fun stuff as wishing I weren't going. I'm so thankful to be able to deal with the not fun stuff face-to-face! It's a God thing.


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bbqdaisy 11:45 AM  

It looks awesome!!!
Prayers over your trip! I wish I was there and we could again meet up again =)
I definately go through phases where my heart really longs to go to Ghana! One of these years I will go ... probably bringing 1-2 kids with me!