Monday, March 26, 2012

T+30 hours! home again!

Well, it took 30 hours, but i'm home again! one really big ironic thing is that our temps here in tulsa are only a few degrees cooler than accra (although much less humid) and our air conditioner isn't working! lol! seriously! this is my luck. oh, but wait! it gets better! the filter in the fridge decided it needs to be changed, which means that we also have no ice! ha! no ice. no a/c. i can't even say, "only in ghana!" =-)

i took the day to just be here with my kids. i was here but not HERE for a few weeks before i left for ghana. i think they deserved a full 24 hours of me without my computer after i got home. [they deserve 24 DAYS but i can't give them that.] it was a nice day with them, giving them my undivided attention.

the jetlag doesn't seem so bad this time, at least not so far. i've learned that sometimes the first day after travel can fool you. it's the days 2-4 that can be the worst. still, i'm happy for a good first day.

i'm so glad to have my puppies again. i think they are glad to have me too. just sayin...

i am so spoiled. later this week or this weekend we will go and buy a new cheap computer for me--because of a SHIFT key. A SHIFT KEY! We could get it fixed, i suppose. but that's why we buy $250 computers to begin with. it's served me well for 2 years. now i'll buy a new cheap computer that will last me maybe another few years. i will be glad to type properly again because honestly, this drives me crazy! plus, the aai newsletter will be due next week!

here are some things i've noticed and appreciated the last 24 hours (besides the normal stuff)...

*drinking out of the tap

*comfortable furniture in my living room

*ice--as much as i want, whenever i want

*clothes washer and dryer

*automatic transmission

*car radio playing contemporary christian music

*traffic, or lack thereof--the ability to travel 15 miles in 20 minutes or less

*the comfort of my driver's seat

*milk, glorious milk (with cereal)

*'i love you' -- it's said in my house so much, and i've missed hearing it.

*no bug spray!

here are some things i'm already missing from ghana

*pineapple (my kind hubby knows i like pineapple so he bought me some and had it waiting--not realizing that i spent 2 weeks eating the best pineapple EVER in ghana!

*shopping from the car (best from of capitalism ever!)

*the courtesy of strangers (still around my area, but not as much as in ghana)

*my sweet ghana family, you know who you are.

time for me to sleep.



bbqdaisy 10:52 PM  

I have loved reading about your trip!! Thank you for sharing! It of course made me miss Ghana!
Blessings on your first few days of being home, hopefully you can sleep and do all of the other things you need to do!

DB 6:01 PM  

Welcome home!! So glad you're home safe and sound. Enjoy catching up with all the hugs and kisses from your family.
Thank you for all you did on your trip to Ghana for families like ours.