Thursday, March 29, 2012

1,000 for 1--Efua Green Update!

A few people have asked me how things are going with the fundraising for Efua Green. Thank you so much for not letting this baby girl escape your heart! She deserves to stay there!

We are at the end of the month--the goal that the Green family had set for getting the first chunk in so that Efua could go to court in Ghana. Between the donations that you have given, and what the Green family has been able to save/fundraise themselves, they sent in the first $3750 last week! $2100 of that came directly from YOU!!! That is 210 people who said, "Count me in for $10 for Efua Green!"

Project Hopeful, the organization that is sponsoring Efua's FIG account, recently asked the Green family to come up with and estimate of all the costs needed in order to finish Efua's adoption--adoption fees, monthly foster care fees, and conservative travel estimates. It came to a little over $10,000. Now, I see God's hand all over this. Seriously, when I first wrote about Efua on this blog, I shared about how 1000 people read about this child and said, "No, I can't adopt her. She's not my child." I went on to challenge at least 1000 people to now say, "Yes, count me in for $10. I can give $10 to help Efua Green come home." Why is 1000 involved? Why $10? Why $10,000?!?! Because GOD! I didn't know that's how much the Greens would need in order to make this all happen. But God knew. He just put that on my heart. I had no clue. So now we know WHY 1000 is important. 1000 said no. Now the challenge is for 1000 to say yes. 210 down, only 790 left to go people!

Maybe you already said yes this last month. Awesome! Maybe you said yes for 10 people. Even better! You totally rock! I met this baby girl 10 days ago and I'm telling you, she's worth every single penny (times 1 million) that we can give towards her homecoming. It's really not hard to give. Just click HERE. Input any amount you want. We're hoping you'll give at least $10, but no amount is too small (or too large). This baby can now get all the way through court before the next payment is due. If we're very lucky, she will be through court before the end of April! That doesn't give us much time to raise the next $6,000 needed!

I would be worried, except God! Except God, and the way He works through the hearts of His amazing servants!



P.S. If you don't do online donations, don't have a card, or whatever, don't let that discourage you. Email me at I can get you an address to send your check to the Green family personally!