Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Oh blogosphere, how I do miss thee...
Not only have I not posted on my own blog (at least not anything meaningful) in what feels like weeks, but I haven't read a blog in six week! Seriously, six weeks! Since before I left for Ghana I haven't gone to my trusty Google Reader. It's now got thousands of unread messages and there's no hope of ever catching up. What shall I do? Ugh. I know there is so much stuff captured and unread. Lots of it is unimportant (to me) fodder written by people I don't even know. But SOME of those words are written by people I love dearly...IMPORTANT words....words I'd want to respond to.
On the upside, the time I've spent NOT reading blogs and writing on my blog (nor facebook) has paid off! I am finally on the verge of being totally caught up on work and personal emails! I was 1200 emails backed up when I returned from Ghana. It's not just emails to read, but lots of those emails had tasks attached to them--filing, or long responses, or other things to do that required TIME. I might be nearing the end of the days when I work until 11pm every night. Maybe? I don't know. Might be too early to say that. I'm nearly caught up on emails, which means I'm going to the next phase of catching up. Time to revise and update several documents and files. Fun!
I think I'll have to clear out the Google Reader and start from square one if I'm ever to read a blog again. Oh well. I look forward to starting to write on this blog again. I miss writing. [By the way, the mess called this post doesn't count as writing! This is verbal vomit!] Most of all, I'm so very glad not to have hundreds of unanswered emails in my inbox! I feel like I'm back in the land of the living and once again "allowed" to do things like take part in facebook and write on my blog! Yippe skipee!


Mama D’s Dozen 12:17 AM  

You have been MISSED!

Glad you are getting caught up. Hoping you are making time for family, in the midst of emails. :)

May your week be BLESSED!


Mama D’s Dozen 12:17 AM  
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