Thursday, April 12, 2012

Nyame Dua (God Protects) Needs Us

***UPDATE: Nyame Dua's Rent has been PAID! Your generosity provided for these children in less than 12 hours!! Thank you to all who gave!***
There is an urgent need at the Nyame Dua Bolga Home. This home cares for 19 children in Bolgatanga, Upper East Region. These children are not currently able to be adopted due to corruption in the region, but Paul Anaba and his staff continue to be dedicated to their care. Rent is now due at the home. Paul thought that he had all the money needed but at the last minute the landlord almost doubled the rent. This means that Nyame Dua now needs $1000 in the next three days in order to pay their rent by April 15th.

Again, it would be very easy for Paul to simply close the home. The children have no path to adoption at this point. For all Paul knows he will be caring for these children into adulthood. Paul is dedicated to these children. He isn’t caring for them so that he can in some way profit from their adoptions. He is caring for them because they sincerely have no safe place to go back to and he loves them.

If you are able to make a donation of ANY size in the next three days, please go to our website at and click the “Donate Now” button. Choose “Ghana” and then note “Nyame Dua, Rent.” Alternatively you can call our office tomorrow or Monday and make a donation by phone with your debit or credit card. Ask for Kathy. Every penny will go directly to Nyame Dua. We will send what is collected at end of the day on Monday the 15th of April.

P.S. Any amount donated above and beyond $1000 will be donated for the care and support of the 19 Nyame Dua Bolga children.


Mama D’s Dozen 12:22 AM  

THANKFUL that the money was raised so quickly.

So SAD that there is corruption in the Bolga area (as you probably know, my children are from there). It is a place I have visited ... an area I am familiar with ... a place with so many needy children. My heart breaks that adoption corruption has entered the area, which now prohibits the adoption of children that are truly orphans.

So sorry for this. I will be praying for these children.