Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Instead of Chest of Drawers....

Too late to write about adoption ethics and Christian movements tonight so...

I don't know about your boys, but my boys are INCREDIBLY hard on furniture, particularly on their chests of drawers!  In their defence, it's not like we've ever bought them nice chests of drawers.  We've always bought the kind you put together yourself (from Wal-Mart or Target), or second-hand jobs under $50 from CraigsList. 

Last week we decided both Chest of Drawers were beyond repair.  We had glued the drawers as much as they could take.  They were just literally falling apart!  At the same time, we just aren't in the place where we want to spend real money on a nice pair of chests for the boys.  Wal-Mart chests again?  Well okay....we headed off to Wally world to see what we could find.  Also on our lists were plastic tubs because we were cleaning out the garage.

We got to the plastics area looking for our storage tubs and came across these black open front storage bins in two sizes.  Kind of cool, but what would a person use them for except laundry baskets or outside toys?  My smart hubby has the idea to put these together as unique clothes storage for our boys!

I know, sounds weird.  But stick with me.  Why not!  They certainly can't destroy them.  The worse they can do is tip them over.  They can't over stuff them because the clothes will fall out.  Hubby had the cool idea for the boys to roll their clothes instead of fold them.  Write on them?  Hmph.  So what.  It's not high grain wood!  And the cost...guess what?  They were marked (incorrectly) for $5 each!  They guy working in the area told us to tell the cashier that he said to charge $5 each (guess he was mad at whomever marked them incorrectly and was trying to prove a point to somebody).  We got both boys clothes storage for a total of $55!  At that cost how could we lose?

They are put up in the boys' room now and so far it's working out great.  Their colors are black and red anyway so they fit right in.  They think it is so cool to ROLL their clothes.  I can just sneak a peek in their room and tell if their clothes are in order since it's an "open concept" system. ;-)  When we want to go to something more high end we can re-use these for storage somewhere else, or just toss them.  For now it suits our purpose beautifully.  Two points to the hubby!

Oh man...I've come a long way from the days of baby registries and matching crib bedding.  If my younger self could only see me now!  Not only have I done this, but I'm sharing about it.  FOR SHAME!

(Imagine these without the stickers, and full of boys clothes.)


the H family 8:44 AM  

Well, I think they are cool and my boys would LOVE them. They also happen to need new dressers. I do have to go to Wally World today...

Nothing to be ashamed of, it's a creative and inexpensive solution to your problem! You rocked what you found, and did it in a new way that just might inspire someone else to try thinking outside the box.

the H family 8:44 AM  
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Mama D’s Dozen 11:21 AM  

Great job! Lost cost and creative always wins in my book.

My Little Miss who can be hard on furniture, has a "different" kind of dresser, too. She has the Target storage unit with 6 block-type spaces for the open canvas "boxes". Works perfect, with no drawers to fall apart.

Laurel :)

Julie Shaw 12:41 PM  


mommajeane 3:10 PM  

We use all kinds of ideas for storing clothing.Interesting in the Crazy Love book by Francis Chan that we recently studied- the question in Ch. 7 we talked about was,"What was the silliest thing you gave up that was important to you when you were younger?" I thought things like matching towels and how rooms look...So not important in the whole scheme of things...Functionality is important.